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Alan Vincent Michaels' art & other stuff

I believe strongly in the written word, but the "visual word" can often convey more meaning and emotion than words do alone. I work in pencil/ink, oil, and digital photographic formats. I also enjoy creating computer-based artwork, some of which are found in my website page header, page buttons, and the artwork below.

   Book cover art

Rochester Rewritten: Rochester in the Alternative (2013)

'Rochester Rewritten' Front cover photography and full cover design ©2013 Alan Vincent Michaels

In 2013, I created the cover art and full cover design for R-SPEC's Rochester Rewritten: Rochester in the Alternative, an anthology of current and former Rochester-based authors and poets' "What if?" stories about Rochester, New York.

Rochester Rewritten takes you "on a journey through alternate histories, presents, and futures of our famous North Coast city... Welcome to Rochester in the alternative..."


Take a closer look at the front cover. Things aren't always what they seem at first glance.

· To see a larger version of the front cover and a sample of the Kindle version: VIEW
· To buy the ebook versions, go to APPLE BOOKS STORE  KINDLE BOOKS  SMASHWORDS BOOKS
· To buy the paperback version: R-SPEC BOOKS

Front cover photography and full cover design by Alan Vincent Michaels. ©2013 Alan Vincent Michaels.

   Voice-over work

Selected voice-over work for clients...


Voice-over characters for several National Technical Institute for the Deaf (NTID) student filmmakers' NTID Learning Center video projects (April).

Managed by Stacy Bick of Rochester Institute of Technology/NTID Communications, Marketing and Multimedia Services.


Getting Started With Paychex ESR (December)  VIDEO

   R-SPEC presentations

I have been the Rochester Speculative Literature Association, Inc. (R-SPEC) Program Officer since October 2012, and its Marketing Officer since February 2019.

I coordinate the monthly meeting programs, present writing and special interest topics, and moderate selected topic meetings and the quarterly reading meetings. Additional tasks include the design of meeting posters, social media postings, and other collateral materials for R-SPEC and third-party presenters.


  ‐ a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization

  ‐ a group of Rochester, NY writers, readers, and thinkers that celebrates and creates speculative literature

  ‐ meeting topics run the gamut from science and technology to creative writing and publishing


Selected non-quarterly reading R-SPEC sessions that I have presented, moderated, or was a panelist...


    Is it a Kingdom or a Republic?
    Be Inspired by Human Sociopolitical Systems
(October 2021; presenter) LEARN MORE

    Writing Microfiction & Poetry Using Social Media (September 2021; presenter) LEARN MORE

    Self-Publishing & Self-Promoting Your Writing (July 2021; moderator) LEARN MORE

    Collaborative/Solo Flash Fiction Workshop (Part 2) (June 2021; presenter/moderator) LEARN MORE

    Collaborative/Solo Flash Fiction Workshop (Part 1) (May 2021; presenter/moderator) LEARN MORE

    What Are You Reading? (March 2021; moderator/panelist) LEARN MORE

    Who Owns the Future? (February 2021; presenter/moderator/panelist) LEARN MORE


    What Did You Write for NaNoWriMo 2020? (December 2020; presenter/moderator) LEARN MORE

    Shared Worlds and Borrowed Landscapes (October 2020; moderator/panelist) LEARN MORE

    World Building (August 2020; presenter/moderator) LEARN MORE

    Plot and Story Structure (June 2020; presenter/moderator) LEARN MORE

    Breaking the Formula & Subverting the Trope (March 2020; presenter/moderator) LEARN MORE

    Hooking that Plot! (February 2020; presenter/moderator) LEARN MORE


    Techniques for Getting Sh*t Done! (October 2019; presenter/moderator) LEARN MORE

    Focusing on the Dilemma (September 2019; presenter/moderator) LEARN MORE

    You Finished Writing! Now What? (March 2019; presenter/moderator) LEARN MORE

    Using Speculative Fiction Tropes (February 2019; moderator/panelist) LEARN MORE


    Overcoming Writing Roadblocks (October 2018; presenter) LEARN MORE

    Writing Endings: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (September 2018; presenter) LEARN MORE

    Technologies That Were Once Science Fiction (July 2018; presenter) LEARN MORE

    World Building: Part 2 – Science Fiction Worlds (March 2017; moderator/panelist) LEARN MORE

    World Building: Part 1 – Fantasy Worlds (February 2017; moderator/panelist) LEARN MORE


    Speculative Poetry Reading & Writing Workshop (September 2017; presenter/moderator) LEARN MORE

    Writing Workshop: Creating Believable Alien Characters (March 2017; presenter/moderator) LEARN MORE

    Distractions to Writing Speculative Fiction (February 2017; presenter/moderator) NO LINK AVAILABLE


    What Do We Want from Spec Fic? (October 2016; moderator) LEARN MORE

    Writing Workshop – The Short-Short Story (September 2016; moderator) LEARN MORE

    Using Current Events in Speculative Fiction (April 2016; presenter) LEARN MORE

    Naming Objects, Characters, and Worlds (February 2016; presenter) LEARN MORE


    How to Create Realistic Fantasy and Science Fiction Settings (June 2015; moderator/panelist) LEARN MORE

    Revealing Backstory Without the Dreaded Info Dump (May 2015; presenter) LEARN MORE

    Dialogue-Only Writing Workshop (February 2015; moderator) LEARN MORE


    Flash Fiction Exercise (September 2014; presenter) LEARN MORE

    Far-Out Tech: How SF Tech Has Transformed Our World (June 2014; presenter) LEARN MORE

    Publishing Your Story or Novel (February 2014; moderator) NO LINK AVAILABLE


    What is Speculative Fiction Poetry? (September 2013; presenter) LEARN MORE

    Generating Story Ideas (June 2013; moderator) LEARN MORE

    Blurring the Line Between SF and Fantasy (February 2013; moderator) LEARN MORE


    Asteroid Mining—The New Gold (and more) Rush? (November 2012; presenter) LEARN MORE

   Story visualizations

Exodus (2008)

'Exodus' ©Alan Vincent Michaels This image was created to help me visualize my short story, Exodus, which is a tale of the last ark ships leaving Atia, a depleted and nearly lifeless world. The inhabitants have exhausted their solar system's resources, and increased radiation from their sun now threatens all life on Atia and its colony moons.

After years of horrific, devastating planet-wide wars, droughts, disease, and natural calamities, the Atians decide that journeying to the stars is the only chance for their survival and for the survival of the remaining flora and fauna.

Will the last, few Atians survive?

Will they find a new world to call their home?

Artwork ©2008 Alan Vincent Michaels


BoNanas (2004)

'BoNanas' ©John Kovaleski 'BoNanas' ©John Kovaleski Being immortalized as a masked superhero in a comic book would be incredible.

Getting an "author" reference is the next best thing, IMHO!

John Kovaleski, a wonderful friend and comic strip creator, asked if he could use my name in his September 19, 2004 strip. He needed an "author's name" and said I had the "perfect name."

I told him, "Of course!"

I wonder if I need to actually write the book ...

BoNanas comic strip ©2004 John Kovaleski


   Non-writing stuff

I've done a lot of non-writing stuff over the years, and I am showcasing some of the cooler items here. In brief, I've done sound work on movies, voice-overs for corporate training and commercials, and numerous professional, non-speculative fiction artwork, photography, and graphic design pieces.

The Dying (Released 10-10-1997, USA) by David P. Nicholson (Producer, Director, Writer)

The Dying ©2013 Puzzlemore, Inc.
I have a film credit on! How cool is that?

From the Puzzlemore official website...

"Frank is a vampire who likes to play with his food. But he's met his match when he confronts Fred. It would seem fortunate for Frank that vampires don't always stay dead, however, when he returns, he finds that his son's girlfriend has moved in with them. To make matters worse, he begins to have recurring dreams of a recent victim. When a rival vampire shows up bent on revenge, Frank begins to envy The Dying." · For more about David P. Nicholson's movies, LEARN MORE

· To see my Sound Department - Boom Operator credit on LEARN MORE
· To read more about David P. Nicholson's movie on LEARN MORE

Photo by Puzzlemore, Inc. ©2013 Puzzlemore, Inc.