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           Welcome to The Fantastic Worlds of

         Alan Vincent Michaels

Alan Vincent Michaels

I am a seeker of knowledge and answers to life's riddles and puzzles. My passions are writing — whether it be prose, poetry, technical, or science — archaeohistory, genealogy, space, travel, photography, and graphic design. I study and photograph the past to better understand our present, and I write and teach speculative fiction to see where our life quests can take us all.


Although I do think differently, as many who know me will attest, you may be looking for someone else. Please read Curious cases of mistaken identity! for more information. Otherwise, you're on the correct site. Read on!

         Ad astra, my friends!  —Alan

   Latest releases!

Dark Matter Magazine cover 01 October 2021

Read my SF story and my reprinted SF poem in the October 2021 Halloween Special Issue of DARK MATTER MAGAZINE!

The Last Science Fiction Story


We Eat

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   Upcoming presentations

R-SPEC 07 December 2021

The R-SPEC Social

Virtual meeting starts at 7pm ET

Join me and the R-SPEC Team for our last meeting of 2021!


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   In the news

Particle | Wave Press 09 November 2021

I launched PARTICLE | WAVE PRESS in April 2021 to support my ebook and printed creative and non-fiction publications.


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SFWA Logo 15 March 2021

On March 15, 2021, the SCIENCE FICTION & FANTASY WRITERS OF AMERICA accepted my membership application. After all these years, I'm proud to be standing side by side with speculative fiction's literati.

   Logo design by SFWA, Inc. (
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19 August 2019

Rochester Beacon Banner

Imagining Rochester in 2034 and beyond

Esther Arnold wrote this great Rochester Beacon article that highlights several recent accomplishments of the ROCHESTER SPECULATIVE LITERATURE ASSOCIATION and its support for Rochester-area speculative fiction writers and readers.

Several of my R-SPEC logo and artwork designs are included in the article.


   R-SPEC logo and banner design by Alan Vincent Michaels

   Online publications and anthologies

The Writer's Chronicle A Writer's Chronicle

The items published in the weekly A WRITER'S CHRONICLE are at the discretion of @Owen_G_Richards on Twitter. This is my first piece to be published on
The Writer's Chronicle.

  #     Date Title Type Site Link
     — 2021 —
  01 28 November "My lies matter not" haiku "HAIKU (#VSS365 #JOURNAL)"

#SciFanSat Hawk and Young #ScifaikuSaturday Compilations

The HAWK AND YOUNG compilations, hosted by @HawkandYoung on Twitter (Eddie-Joe Young @EddieJoeYoung13 and Elsha Hawk @ElshaHawk), provide poets with an opportunity to create speculative fiction poetry inspired by weekly Twitter #ScifaikuSaturday word prompts.

To date, I've had 7 haiku published, including several haiku triptychs.

Great news! On November 29, I was invited to be the guest host for the December 2021 #ScifaikuSaturday prompts. I accepted the opportunity proudly.

  #     Date Title Type Antho Link
     — 2021 —
  07 27 November "We Are The Impulse" haiku triptych "IMPULSE"
     See also Aethereal Engineer (11-28-2021)     
  06 27 November "The impulse to fight" haiku "IMPULSE"
  05 21 November "Not extravagant" haiku "DIGIT"
     See also Aethereal Engineer (11-21-2021)     
  04 21 November "The digits slide fast" haiku "DIGIT"
  03 14 November "We dance in a trance" haiku "CLOUD"
  02 14 November "Venusian clouds" haiku "CLOUD"
  01 06 November "Can we land, yet?" - "Guess why we cannot." haiku triptych "APOGEE"

Aethereal Engineer #SciFanSat Microfiction Compilations
The AETHEREAL ENGINEER compilations, hosted by Jason H. Abbott @SciFanSat, provide writers an opportunity to create speculative microfiction stories or poems inspired by weekly Twitter #SciFanSat word prompts.

To date, I've had 32 microfiction stories and poems published, including several haiku triptychs.

  #     Date Title Type Antho Link
     — 2021 —
  32 28 November "We Are The Impulse" haiku triptych "PLACE"
     See also Hawk and Young (11-27-2021)     
  31 21 November "Not extravagant" haiku "EXTRAVAGANT"
     See also Hawk and Young (11-21-2021)     
  30 07 November "To Be, or Not to Be?" - An Activation Question story "ACTIVE"
  29 31 October "Alpha Terminal" haiku triptych "TERMINAL"
  28 24 October "Warnings from the sky" haiku "COWER"
  27 17 October Never Enough Time haiku triptych "GRIEF"
  26 10 October "Once God's sole domain" haiku "MYSTERY"
  25 03 October "My tail spike glows blue" haiku "WRITHE"
  24 26 September "Our limited minds" haiku "LIMITED"
  23 19 September "I come from exiles" haiku triptych "RELATIVE"
  22 05 September "Eternal gods" haiku "ETERNAL"
  21 29 August "We have learned nothing" haiku "BATTLE"
  20 22 August "Surfing stellar waves" haiku "USE"
  19 15 August "mindcasting" haiku "SERVICE"
  18 01 August A Lasting Egocentricity story "COMPLETE"
  17 25 July "A cosmic memorial" haiku "MEMORIAL"
  16 18 July "The ride of your life!" haiku "FEW"
  15 11 July "Rest for the weary?" haiku "ARTIST"
  14 04 July Birth of a Starship story "UNCERTAIN"
  13 27 June story "PARTNER"
  12 13 June "No survivors found" haiku "SURVIVOR"
  11 06 June "We rescued the moon" haiku "DISTRICT"
  10 30 May "call me old fashioned" haiku "DESIGN"
  09 16 May The Loops story "LOOP"
  08 09 May I Have a Talent for Escaping Disasters story "TALENT"
  07 02 May Humanity's Greed story "SIMILARITY"
  06 25 April "In a world gone mad" haiku triptych "UNFAIR"
  05 18 April Gravity is Heaven's Language story "DANCE"
  04 31 January "Our wild race to Mars" haiku "COMFORT"
  03 16 January "I am your vessel" haiku "ARRANGE"
     — 2020 —
  02 20 December Fish Tacos story "IMAGINE"
  01 18 October "wander in wonder" haiku "CREEP"

   Recently published

28 December 2020
Pixabay Pixabay
"fragments" (speculative fiction)
"entanglements" (speculative fiction)
"becoming" (haiku)

I am delighted to announce that ten (10!) of my Twitter @PoetryIn13 prompt short poems are included in the POETRY IN 13: VOLUME 3 anthology (print only) edited by Scott Christopher Beebe and available in paperback from Amazon.

Note: The words in bold are the titles and the prompt words that inspired the poems. Unless otherwise noted, the poems are not speculative fiction or haiku.


   Design by Scott Christopher Beebe; photos by Alan Vincent Michaels

   Writing Contests

19 October 2019

SFPA Banner
My speculative fiction poem, Seeds, won Third Place in the SFPA's 2019 POETRY CONTEST "Dwarf Poem Category" (fewer than 10 lines).

SFPA'S blind-entry contest had three categories, 560 entries, and 10 finalists from around the world!


   Book, Story, and Poem Reviews

Exogenesis: Hybrid Humans
01 June 2020

Exogenesis: Hybrid Humans: A Scientific History of Extraterrestrial Genetic Manipulation

by Bruce R. Fenton and Daniella Fenton

The ebook released on 01 June 2020 on Apple Books, Amazon Kindle, and other platforms.


   Selected poems

Brick for Nik
Ode to Nikola Tesla

A poem in celebration of NIKOLA TESLA.

My "Brick for Nik," located on the grounds of the TESLA SCIENCE CENTER AT WARDENCLYFFE (Shoreham, New York), contains an engraved line from the poem's first stanza. (12 December 2015)


'A Flash of Dark: Volume 3. ISBN 978-0-359-67579-1
Always Faithful, Always Loyal

Nor Even the Small Fish

We Eat

Three, long-form prose poems included in the A FLASH OF DARK: VOLUME 3 anthology of speculative fiction and poetry from Scott W. Williams and (28 August 2019)


   Design by Scott W. Williams

To the Stars! (A Hopeful Autobiography in Five Present-Tense Stanzas)

STAR*LINE 32.2: March/April 2009 READ THE POEM

Requiem Æternam

Skipping Stone (Last transmission from an alternative Apollo 13 crew)

STAR*LINE - September/December 2010 (#33.5/6) print/ebook editions


   STAR*LINE (33.5/6) cover image courtesy of STAR*LINE
   Cover art ©2010 by Garret Dechellis

Scifaikuest Vol. 8, No. 1: August 2010
Stepping Stone Lost

SCIFAIKUEST - August 2010 (Vol. 8, No. 1) print edition

   Scifaikuest (Vol. 8, No. 1) cover image courtesy of Sam's Dot Publishing
   Cover art ©2010 by Denny Marshall

Here are some cool links ...
   scifaikuest guidelines page LEARN MORE
   scifaiku LEARN MORE
   senryu LEARN MORE

   Selected short stories

We're Not Alone Anymore

Flash fiction included in the A FLASH OF DARK: VOLUME 3 anthology (28 August 2019).


Love Lost

Love Lost

A 100-word, microfiction included on the THE FUTURE OF LITERARY FORMS: FLASH FICTION, HYPERFICTION, AND VIRTUAL WORLDS R-SPEC meeting poster (5 March 2013).

Fads (or Why Jerry Loathes the Aliens)
2034: Writing Rochester's Futures
My story in the 2034: WRITING ROCHESTER'S FUTURES anthology (31 July 2010 print, ebook, online editions) is available only online.


Learn more about 2034: WRITING ROCHESTER'S FUTURES, the first speculative fiction anthology from R-SPEC Press and


   Cover image courtesy of R-SPEC Press. Cover art ©2009 by David Pascal.

   Selected short bits & interesting pieces

Creatures Give Advice Roppatucha Greenberg's CREATURES GIVE ADVICE series

    My Twitter-submitted questions and Ms. Greenberg's responses and custom
    doodles are included in this (currently) two-book series.

    Amazon Digital Services LLC (20 March 2019, Kindle, print paperback editions)

Creatures Give Advice Again

    CREATURES GIVE ADVICE AGAIN (and it's warmer now)
    Amazon Digital Services LLC (21 June 2019, Kindle, print paperback editions)

   The KANSAS Years (1992-1996)


I was the publisher, creative director, and partner of — Southwind Publishing — an international fan magazine, mail order product, and marketing company aligned with the progressive rock group, KANSAS.

I wrote the copy for the Freaks of Nature tour book (1995-1996) and co-wrote the KANSAS boxed set book (1994, Sony/Legacy Records). I also assisted with the graphic design of both books.

I co-wrote, designed, edited, and published six issues of The Closet Chronicle — the second KANSAS fan magazine.

   Merchandising flyers and magazine design/cover art ©1992-1996 by Alan Vincent Michaels

   Treasures from the time vaults

Amazing Stories 1993

I've received numerous inquiries about my first publication in a major magazine. Although I have earlier works published in high school and college literary journals, few people will likely ever read them.

I won a content sponsored by Robert Silverberg and Kim Mohan that was published in the February 1993 issue of AMAZING STORIES. In Robert Silverberg's "Reflections" column, you will find several of my time-traveling camera ideas that caught their attention and gave me my first 15 microseconds of science fiction fame.

   Cover art ©1993 by Laura and John Lakey

The Dream Lives On! 1990

Thank you for the inquiries and the encouragement, but THE DREAM LIVES ON! THE UNOFFICIAL COLLECTOR'S GUIDE TO MUSIC OF TANGERINE DREAM (01 May 1990) remains out of print.

I have no plans to update the content and release a new edition. Edgar Froese and Tangerine Dream, not to mention the band's numerous alumni, have released far too many recordings in the intervening years for me to successfuly revise the guide.

   Book, book design, and cover art ©1990 by Alan Vincent Michaels