Short bio

I was born in Washington, D.C., lived in Rochester, New York, for a long stretch of time, and I now call Venice, Florida, my home.

I am a speculative fiction author & poet, delving into ancient civilizations & mind-exploring the cosmos. I am an active member of the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers Association SFWA and the Science Fiction & Fantasy Poetry Association SFPA.

I am the program & marketing officer for the Rochester Speculative Literature Association R-SPEC.

And as needed, I wear different hats as a freelance technical / creative writer, writing instructor, graphic designer, archaeohistorian, genealogist, and a world-traveling photographer.

My 2019 and 2023  award-winning poetry is featured on the SF&F Poetry Association website.

I have poems published in:

· A Flash of Dark: Vol. 3 anthology
· Aethereal Engineer online anthologies
· Dark Matter Magazine 
· Hawk and Young online anthologies
· Poetry in 13: Volume 3 anthology
· Scifaikuest magazine
· SciFanSat e-magazine
· Star*Line magazine

and stories published in: 

· 2034: Writing Rochester's Futures anthology
· A Flash of Dark: Vol. 3 anthology
· Aethereal Engineer online anthologies
· Dark Matter Magazine
· SciFanSat e-magazine
· Serious Flash Fiction Volume IX anthology
· Serious Flash Fiction Volumes I-IX anthology