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Poems by Alan Vincent Michaels

Selected poems from my forthcoming chapbook, Carry Me Into Future Days.

   Ode to Nikola Tesla

O' idealistic Tesla
our modern-day Prometheus
who stole fire from the sky
desirous that all mankind
benefit from nature's energies

O' visionary Tesla
bound not by chains but by ideas
from men with small minds
men who could not see
where you were leading them

O' inventive Tesla
how many of our civilization's facets
did you cut before others even tried
only to be dismissed by most
because you dreamt bigger dreams

O' master Tesla
bless you for teaching us
to do the seemingly impossible
and to wield lightning bolts
once the sole dominion of the gods

Alan Vincent Michaels
25 September 2012

©2012 Alan Vincent Michaels. All rights reserved.

   Tesla Science Center at Wardenclyffe

December 2015: I'm truly honored that two lines in the first verse were inscribed on an 8x8-inch paving brick, which was installed on the grounds of the Tesla Science Center at Wardenclyffe in Shoreham, New York. I hope to get a photograph of the brick soon.

Full brick inscription:

"Our modern-day
Prometheus who stole
fire from the sky"
- Alan V. Michaels

'Brick Certificate' ©Tesla Science Center