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Alan Vincent Michaels' speculative fiction bibliography

This list includes my published and forthcoming poetry and prose.

   ISFDB — The Internet Speculative Fiction Database

Alan Vincent Michaels' entry:

   Poetry and chapbooks

Carry Me Into Future Days — Working title; a chapbook of speculative fiction poetry and scifaiku
    In development

Ode to Nikola Tesla here (September 2012, online)

To the Stars! (A Hopeful Autobiography in Five Present-Tense Stanzas) here (August 2011, online)

Requiem Æternam here
    STAR*LINE (September/December 2010, #33.5/6, print edition)

Skipping Stone (Last transmission from an alternative Apollo 13 crew) here
    STAR*LINE (September/December 2010, #33.5/6, print edition)

Stepping Stone Lost
    Scifaikuest (August 2010, Vol. 8, No. 1, print edition)

Robota here
    STAR*LINE (July/August 2010, #33.4, print edition)

Stellar Games here
    STAR*LINE (March/April 2009, #32.2, print edition)

Ghosts of the Machines here
    STAR*LINE (March/April 2009, #32.2, print edition)

   Short stories

Love Lost
    R-SPEC: "The Future of Literary Forms: Flash Fiction, Hyperfiction, and Virtual Worlds"
    (5 March 2013, printed meeting poster)

Fads (or Why Jerry Loathes the Aliens) here
    2034: Writing Rochester's Futures (July 2010, online edition only)

   Speculative Fiction and Writing Craft Presentations

Overcoming Writing Roadblocks
    (R-SPEC meeting, October 2018)

Writing Endings: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
    (R-SPEC meeting, September 2018)

Technologies That Were Once Science Fiction
    (R-SPEC meeting, July 2018)

Speculative Poetry Reading & Writing Workshop
    (R-SPEC meeting, September 2017)

Writing Workshop: Creating Believable Alien Characters
    (R-SPEC meeting, March 2017)

Distractions to Writing Speculative Fiction
    (R-SPEC meeting, February 2017)

What Do We Want from Spec Fic?
    (R-SPEC meeting, October 2016)

Writing Workshop The Short-Short Story
    (R-SPEC meeting, September 2016)

Using Current Events in Speculative Fiction
    (R-SPEC meeting, April 2016)

Naming Objects, Characters, and Worlds
    (R-SPEC meeting, February 2016)

How to Create Realistic Fantasy and Science Fiction Settings
    (R-SPEC meeting, June 2015)

Revealing Backstory Without the Dreaded Info Dump
    (R-SPEC meeting, May 2015)

Dialogue-Only Writing Workshop
    (R-SPEC meeting, February 2015)

Flash Fiction Exercise
    (R-SPEC meeting, September 2014)

Far-Out Tech: How SF Tech Has Transformed Our World
    (R-SPEC meeting, June 2014)

Publishing Your Story or Novel
    (R-SPEC meeting, February 2014)

Planning Story Structures
    (R-SPEC meeting, October 2013)

What is Speculative Fiction Poetry?
    (R-SPEC meeting, September 2013)

Generating Story Ideas
    (R-SPEC meeting, June 2013)

Blurring the Line Between SF and Fantasy
    (R-SPEC meeting, February 2013)

Asteroid Mining—The New Gold (and more) Rush?
    (R-SPEC meeting, November 2012)

   Columns, articles, and other items

Robert Silverberg's "Reflections" column
    Alan Vincent Michaels' time-traveling contest winning entry
    Amazing Stories (February 1993, print edition)